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Application deadline

Return your completed application by February 28, 2014 online or mail to:

  1. Carondelet Neurological Institute
  2. Brain Academy Application
  3. Attention: Leah Shea
  4. 350 N Wilmot Road Tucson, AZ 85711

Sending Your Supporting Documents

When sending your application, include your statement of interest, High School transcript including GPA, and two letters of recommendation with at least one from a High School Science Teacher.You may email your supporting documents after completing the form below.


Required Supporting Documents

Statement of Interest
In essay format (1000 words or less) answer these questions:

  • Why are you interested in science, neuroscience and/or medicine?
  • How would you benefit from the Brain Academy?
  • What are your goals after graduating high school?

High School Transcript
Provide a copy of your high school transcript including GPA.

Letters of Recommendation
Two letters of recommendation with at least one from a High School Science Teacher.


Brain Academy - Facility Tour

For more information, visit the webpage:
or email the Brain Academy.



Use the form below to apply online

IMPORTANT: only applications that have all required fields, transcripts and essays will be considered – only submit online if you are able to enter ALL information, including emailing your documents in proper form. Formal documentation containing confirmation of Junior status and GPA stamped or signed by the school will be accepted in lieu of formal transcript.