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Treatment Options

Many of the modern techniques used by surgeons nationwide to rebuild complex defects were, in fact, developed at Carondelet St. Joseph's Hospital. What we learn in correcting major defects helps us refine the reconstructive surgical techniques across all types of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Approaches to Nasal Surgery Offered at St. Joseph's Hospital

Nasal and facial reconstruction
Reconstructive surgery is surgery performed to restore a missing or deformed body part to normal appearance and function. Skin, cartilage or bone and/or lining may be missing from any area of the face or nose.

Because defects may vary, the physician evaluates each individual situation – what is missing anatomically and what is missing aesthetically. Beyond healing or closing a wound, our goal is to recreate an attractive normal-looking nose, lip or cheek.

Depending on the problem, repair may require:

  • Simple wound closure
  • Skin grafts from the forehead, ear or cheek
  • Flaps from within the nose, cheek or forehead
  • For major defects, the replacement of external skin, cartilage support and inner nasal lining

Nasal septal reconstruction or septoplasty
Septoplasty is a surgical procedure involving functional reconstruction of the nasal airway due to a deviated septum or trauma. The purpose of this surgery is to provide better airflow for patients who are suffering from nasal airway obstruction.

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure for making the nose look better and/or for improving nasal functioning associated with breathing problems. Patients commonly undergo rhinoplasty to alter the size, shape or angle of the nose.

  • Primary rhinoplasty is a procedure performed on the nose for the first time
  • Revision rhinoplasty is a procedure performed to touch up or improve a past nasal operation
  • Cleft lip rhinoplasty repairs the nasal deformity that may be associated with a cleft lip or palate

Septorhinoplasty is a procedure that combines rhinoplasty with major repair of the nasal septum.

Linear repair
Linear or side to side repair is appropriate for some small wounds on the nose, particularly on the lateral nasal sidewalls or the central nasal dorsum. Many areas of the nose are not suitable for this surgical procedure, however, because of the unavailability of mobile tissue.