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About Us


Joint replacements are becoming more and more common every year. More than a half million people each year in the United States undergo joint replacement procedures. Most of these cases are hip or knee replacements.

At the Carondelet Center for Joint Replacement at St. Joseph’s Hospital, our orthopedic surgeons will ONLY consider surgery if all other treatment options were unsuccessful in providing you relief from pain or disability.
Four Board Certified Orthopedists- Joint Replacement Specialists- from affiliated partners Arizona Orthopedics Joint Replacement (link) and Sports Medicine and Southern Arizona Orthopedics (link):
Edward Berghausen, M.D. (link to bio)
George Bradbury, M.D. (link to bio)
Timothy Dixon, M.D. (link to bio)
Jerome Steck, D.P.M. (link to bio)
Carondelet Center for Joint Replacement at St. Joseph’s Hospital offers state of the art equipment and technique which allow some surgeries to be done through a minimally invasive approach to preserve as much bone as we can.
Most importantly, we are with you every step of the way—both physically and emotionall. We know that this type of surgery is difficult on the body and mind and that’s why we have a care team dedicated to your recovery. 
All post-surgical treatment programs are performed at Carondelet facilities to ensure quality control.