Mike's Cardiac Rehab Story

Cardiac Rehab patientMike has had an adventurous life; traveling many parts of the world and living overseas at times.  Throughout his life, he worked as a consultant providing counsel to various world leaders. Retirement brought Mike and his wife, Gisela, back to the States. Calling Tucson home, he continued with his active lifestyle; walking and cycling.

Despite his active lifestyle, several cardiac tests determined that he would need quadruple bypass surgery. Mike and his family were no strangers to healthcare and interacted with medical professionals from different countries. It was after his surgery, that he met Lakin Snow, Exercise Physiologist, who spoke to him and his family about the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Lakin explained to Mike that this was the start of a long road and the benefits of attending the program. Mike understood the value of participating in cardiac rehab after a major operation which is having many more benefits to him than he could have imagined. Mike’s regimen consists of monitored physical therapy by educated staff to ensure he is on the right track to recovery. He also attends educational classes ranging in topics from the psychological effects after surgery to learning how to read nutrition labels. He is able to bring his wife to the classes; they are both incorporating the health knowledge acquired into their lifestyle.

Mike encourages those who have had a cardiac event to enroll in a cardiac rehabilitation program to begin their new journey. His wife, Gisela, enjoys cooking and  has discovered new healthy recipes, which they are now both enjoying. Months after his surgery, Mike is recovering his energy and excited because he is halfway done with his rehab program and can resume cycling.