Mr. Oxenford's Wound Care Story

Mr. Oxenford and Wife

First-Class Wound Treatment

When Mr. Oxenford took a trip to the beach with his wife, the last thing on his mind was spending their vacation inside because of an injury. Unfortunately, this was his Mexico experience in May.

While walking outside, Mr. Oxenford slipped and fell, skinning his lower right leg. The wound stretched from his ankle to his knee. Paramedics from an ambulance nearby placed a tourniquet on his leg to stop the bleeding and took him to the nearest medical facility to get his wound cleaned.

Wound Center at St. Mary’s Hospital

When he returned to Arizona, Mr. Oxenford went to the Wound Center at St. Mary’s so he could get treatment for his painful injury. “I came here three times a week to get my wound treated by an outstanding team,” he shares.

Wrapping wounded leg

Mr. Oxenford values the professional level of care and rapport the Wound Center staff built with him over his frequent

visits. “They’re like a family now!” he jokes. “Everyone here is so personable. They take the time to talk you through everything they are doing. They educated me about me about what to expect and what is happening.”

The Wound Center uses a variety of products to promote healing, such as a special grafting product containing living cells and collagen. Regardless of what products were used, Mr. Oxenford shared that was very thorough in communicating, including about next steps at home after discharge. He’ll have a compression sock to protect the fragile skin over the next year or so.

“My experience here has been first-class,” says Mr. Oxenford. With his wound treatment nearly complete, Mr. Oxenford looks forward to getting back to his regular routine. The first item on his agenda is to get back to exercising and traveling with his wife.

We’d like to say thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Oxenford, for recommending the Wound Center at St. Mary’s. (Glad you’re wound is so much better!)