Your Hospital Visit

Prepare for Your Visit

Not sure what to expect when you visit a Carondelet hospital? Prepare for your visit by following the links below. We’ll cover everything from how to get here to how to prepare for surgery. Keeping you fully informed helps make your experience positive from the first visit up through follow-up care.

Tools for Your Stay

Ensure that your medical wishes are clear under every possible circumstance.
If you’d prefer to communicate in a language other than English, Carondelet can provide you with interpretation services.
Have a concern, complaint or grievance regarding care at Carondelet? Learn the proper channels to go through.
At Carondelet, we take several measures to help prevent infections. Read about our practices.
Be prepared for all scenarios. An advance directive will guide your care if you’re unable to make your own decisions.
Find location information, including maps and directions for ​Carondelet Health Network in Arizona
If you have a question, concern, or have general feedback, a patient advocate can serve as a resource and liaison.
We’re committed to the safety of our patients. Find out how we keep you safe by reading our guidelines and policies.
We love to hear your success stories. Tell us about your experience to help others with their health journey.
Thank a staff member, nurse or doctor for giving you or your loved one extra care, support and attention.
Visitors, learn the hours, rules and procedures of Carondelet’s hospital network.
As a patient, you have specific rights while you are receiving care at any of our hospitals. Stay informed.
Prepare for your stay at Carondelet by looking through our overview of room services, policies and discharge practices.
Know what you’ll need and what to avoid bringing during your hospital stay at Carondelet Health Network.
Prepare for your Carondelet hospital visit and have all of your questions answered.