Nasal Reconstructive Surgery Testimonials

Sometimes it’s best to hear about experiences first-hand. Here you’ll find testimonials from individuals who have received care at Carondelet, or worked alongside the  doctors we are proud to collaborate with.

You truly gave me a new lease on life, as the saying goes. My nose is absolutely beautiful; I still get compliments on it!

- D.W., Nasal Reconstruction/Revision

I am so happy for getting the surgery. The surgery has changed the outlook I have about myself and my self-confidence. So thanks again because how can I repay someone who has changed my life.

- T.P., Revision Rhinoplasty after Congenital Nasal Hemangioma

Dr. Menick has emerged as the world’s premier nasal reconstructionist. By following his passion for nasal reconstruction, Fred Menick has become the best in the history of medicine.

- Dr. Burt Brent, considered the modern developer of ear reconstruction for children born without ears, microtia and a published author in Woodside, CA

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