Leadership Team at Carondelet Hospitals

Guiding Us into the Future

Meet the people who are proudly leading Carondelet Health Network in our commitment to delivering high-quality health and wellness to the community. These leaders strive for excellence, innovation and accountability in all areas of care.

Dr. Nathaniel Rial
Foto de Dr. Nathaniel Rial
Marcel Dabdoub
Foto de Marcel Dabdoub
Dr. Konstantin Zubelevitskiy
Foto de Dr. Konstantin Zubelevitskiy
Paulo Goes
Foto de Paulo Goes
Dr. Michael Duperret
Foto de Dr. Michael Duperret
Lea Márquez-Peterson
Foto de Lea Márquez-Peterson
Manuel Valenzuela
Foto de Manuel Valenzuela
Patrick DeConcini
Foto de Patrick DeConcini
Dolores Durán-Cerda Ph.D
Foto de Dolores Durán-Cerda Ph.D
Dr. Joseph Chambers
Foto de Dr. Joseph Chambers
P. Arthur J. Espelage
Foto de P. Arthur J. Espelage
Dra. Andrea Herbert
Foto de Dra. Andrea Herbert
Nicholas Bastiampillai, DO
Foto de Nicholas Bastiampillai, DO