Brain & Neuro Care

Treating Brain Disease and More

At the Carondelet Neurological Institute, we offer highly specialized, compassionate care in modern facilities. Conveniently located on the campus of Carondelet St. Joseph’s Hospital, the Neurological Institute is the largest and most comprehensive program in Southern Arizona dedicated to the treatment of neurological disorders and injuries. The Institute is designed for the delivery of complete, personalized care in a warm, comfortable environment. On one hospital campus, you can receive a full-range of diagnostic and treatment services for most neurological conditions.

The Neurological Institute Difference

From balance issues and hearing problems to movement disorders such as Parkinson’s, we provide care across the spectrum of neurological disorders with a wide array of medical services and state-of-the-art technology all under one roof, including:

  • The Balance Center is your “one-stop” care center for treatment of vertigo, dizziness, disequilibrium, balance dysfunction or frequent falls. The Balance Center is the first comprehensive evaluation and rehabilitation center for balance disorders in Southern Arizona.
  • The Spine Center provides a team approach to diagnosing, treating and correcting spine injuries and disorders, using advanced neurosurgical techniques and supportive therapies.
  • The Hearing Center provides diagnosis of hearing disorders and helpful devices and treatment to individuals of all ages with hearing difficulties.
  • The Stroke Center provides comprehensive, acute stroke diagnosis and treatment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Center is certified by The Joint Commission as a Primary Stroke Center.
  • Electroneurodiagnostic services to diagnose a number of different neurological conditions, including headaches, dizziness, seizure disorders, strokes and degenerative brain disorders.
  • Inpatient treatment center at St. Joseph’s Hospital dedicated exclusively to the care of acute neurological illness and injury. Clinicians specially trained to manage neurological conditions staff the inpatient center.
  • Rehabilitation services designed to provide you with a bridge from illness and injury to health and well-being.

A Team Approach to Care

At the Neurological Institute, an elite team of neurologists and other specialists work collaboratively to provide you or your loved one with personalized, compassionate care. Each one of our doctors has many years of intensive medical training and extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions. Our specialists are on call to provide emergency services around the clock, 365 days a year.

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