Health Information Exchange

Sharing Health Information

Sharing health care information across networks helps our patients to receive the best health care possible. Carondelet Health Network is proud to participate in the Health Information Exchange (Health Current), a health information exchange that shares data from participating health care organizations across Arizona in a secure, HIPAA-compliant way.

Benefits of the Health Information Exchange

By participating in the Health Information Exchange (Health Current) health information exchange, both patients and health care providers benefit. Participation:

  • Improves quality of care by being able to access critical patient information in a timely manner
  • Enables better communication and coordination of patient care across health care providers
  • Provides access to complete medical information about patients, in order to serve them better
  • Establishes a secure platform to share key clinical data about our patients

We believe this health information exchange enables us to better care for our patients. During your next visit to Carondelet, you’ll be provided with information regarding Health Information Exchange (Health Current) and be given the choice of opting out of the exchange of your data. If you opt out, your clinical information will not be available under any circumstances, including an emergency, to Carondelet providers.

If you change your mind, you can opt in to the program at any time. Those who opt in to the health information exchange will have their data completely secured and only accessible by authorized providers for direct care.

Learn More

You can get more information about this program on the Health Information Exchange (Health Current) website, or in our brochure about Health Information Exchange (Health Current) in English or Spanish.