Hip Pain

Comprehensive Hip Treatment

There’s so much of life to enjoy. Don’t let a painful hip due to illness or injury keep you on the sidelines. At the Carondelet, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services delivered by a team of orthopedic doctors, nurses and allied health professionals can help get you moving again.

Our hip care services include:

  • Minimally invasive surgery procedures and hip replacement surgery including the anterior approach
  • Nonsurgical approaches to alleviate hip pain, such as medication and physical therapy
  • Rehabilitation services to aid in quicker recovery
  • Support from our team to guide you through the entire care process

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Anterior Approach

The Anterior Approach, which is frequently requested by athletes and others looking to maintain an active lifestyle, can provide be less painful and offer a quicker recovery than traditional hip replacement.

During this procedure, the hip joint is accessed through a single, short incision made over the front of the hip joint without detaching the muscle from the pelvis (hip) or femur (thigh bone). The muscles important to hip function are not disturbed so patients have more freedom of movement with less pain. As a result, healing can occur more quickly.

Move Freely, with Less Pain

Our team is prepared to discuss your treatment options, focusing first on nonsurgical first such as medication. If surgery is indicated such as hip replacement, advanced minimally invasive procedures are available.


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