Amputee Clinic

An Expert Amputee Rehabilitation Program

Learning how to complete daily tasks after an amputation isn’t always easy. With Amputee Rehab at Carondelet Health Network, we help facilitate your pre-prosthetic care for a full recovery, restore your independence and regain a fully functional life.

We treat all forms of amputations and are experienced working with computerized prosthetics. Amputee care you’ll find at Carondelet includes:

  • Training on prosthetic usage
  • Training with upper extremity prosthetic for daily function
  • Specific gait techniques for energy conservation
  • Stability and recuperation of balance
  • Running/sports retraining

Amputee Clinic Visits

Carondelet Health Network’s regularly hosts amputee clinics to address questions, scenarios and issues that come up for a new amputee. During these sessions, you’ll work with a doctor, a physical therapist and a prosthetist to evaluate your situation and find assistance and care leading to maximum independence after amputation. 

Included in each visit is:

  • A physical assessment
  • Analysis of function
  • Analysis of prosthesis or potential for prosthesis

Get Started

You can learn more about amputation and amputee rehabilitation by calling:

St. Joseph's Hospital:  (520) 873-3000
St. Mary's Hospital:     (520) 872-3000
Holy Cross Hospital:   (520) 285-3000