Physical Therapy, Aquatic Therapy and More

Build strength, improve flexibility. Overcome challenges. It takes time and effort to recover after a stroke, heart attack, surgery or injury. But you can speed up the process with therapy. You can enjoy a more complete recovery through a personalized rehabilitation program.

The rehabilitation teams at Carondelet Health Network work with your surgeon or doctor to help reduce your pain and work to bring back strength, motion and flexibility. 

Our Specialized Rehabilitation Programs

At Carondelet, we offer specialized rehabilitation programs including cardiac, neurologic and musculoskeletal disorders, including pre- and post- operative care programs. Some of our programs include:

Here you’ll also find access to physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology and more. Our team has the training and experience to help you regain function and move more easily with less pain.

Get Started

You can get started with rehabilitation services by calling:

St. Joseph's Hospital:  (520) 873-3000
St. Mary's Hospital:     (520) 872-3000
Holy Cross Hospital:   (520) 285-3000
Find a Rehabilitation Location for rehab services at Carondelet Health Network in Tucson and Nogales, AZ.
Find rehabilitation classes and events offered near you.
Learn how to complete daily tasks after an amputation with help from St. Mary’s Amputee Clinic.
Get a rehabilitation boost from a new furry friend with Carondelet’s animal therapy program.
Aquatic physical therapy at Carondelet can help patients with a wide range of rehabilitation needs.
Improve movement in your hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder with our hand therapy program.
Improve your balance, range of motion, mobility, coordination, memory and endurance with neuro and stroke rehabilitation.
Location information for the Carondelet Neurological Institute Spine Center in Tucson, Arizona. 
Procedures and treatments for an individualized plan for your road to recovery.
At Carondelet Health Network, we offer a wide range of tests and screenings at our hospital.