Communication Assistance

We Speak Your Language

You have the right to receive health care information in your preferred language. Carondelet provides languages services to ensure you receive the most accurate care possible.

Request Communication Assistance Services

To receive language interpretation services, simply request them during the registration and admission process. A Carondelet Health Network associate will ask you what language you prefer for discussing health care, and the hospital will provide the appropriate services.

Patients and families are encouraged to use the language interpretation services provided rather than having family members interpret when discussing important health care information. Research demonstrates that the use of a qualified medical interpreter improves communication and understanding between the patient and the health care provider.

Only qualified medical language interpreters can interpret health care information related to the patient’s ailment, injury or medical history, informed consent, advance directives, power of attorney, patient diagnosis, treatment plan, medications, discharge instructions and billing or insurance issues. Non-qualified bilingual hospital staff members are not able to provide interpretation services for the purpose of sharing health care information.

Language Interpretation

Complimentary language interpretation phone services can be arranged through any staff member. A telephone with either a dual handset or a speaker phone allows the patient and health care provider to speak through a qualified medical interpreter.

Complimentary American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation can also be arranged through any staff member at Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital. A video conferencing system allows the patient and health care provider to see and hear an ASL interpreter live on the conferencing system. At Carondelet Holy Cross Hospital, arrangements can be made to provide an ASL interpreter by asking your nurse.

Communication Devices

Patients with hearing, visual or speech impairments are encouraged to bring their own communication aids and devices to the hospital. The hospital can provide the following complementary communication devices by notifying any staff member:

• TTY (TeleTYpewriter/TDD (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf) phones and amplifiers

• Braille phone

• Closed-captioned TV

• Communication boards and/or pads

Patient Education Materials

Carondelet Health Network provides patient education materials in English and Spanish. Interpretation services are available to review patient education materials with the patient and or family in languages other than English and Spanish.